Nancy is the one who tells Jack

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The Art of Aggression in Business. Their pediatrician is, by unhappy coincidence, named Dr. He appears to agree with the other Kabletown executives that the most desirable trophy wives are half-Asian women. Jack also admits that he and Avery only married because of Avery's pregnancy. This implication is furthered when Jack later confesses his sins to an ill-prepared priest.

He was also cast in the role of Mr. Avery and Nancy meet by chance, and Nancy discovers that Avery is pregnant. The two end up sharing a kiss in the days before Avery returns home. Still, Jack is less than satisfied at Kabletown, in large part because the company manufactures no tangible goods. Jack discovers that Jimmy Donaghy is not his real father.

Jack refuses to believe this since Phoebe had told him that Liz is infatuated with him and he decides to continue with their wedding. However, Liz later discovers that Phoebe is actually an unscrupulous gold digger. At first, Jack doubts the story because he hasn't heard anything, but then he finds out from Welch that the sale is happening and that Geiss is dead. Nancy is the one who tells Jack.

At some point, though as yet unexplained, he underwent a complete reversal of his philosophy and became a conservative Republican. During this conversation, Jack's mother uses his heart monitor as a lie detector. Jack is a conservative Republican initially supporting Mitt Romney. Unbeknownst to Avery, Liz and Jack are accidentally married to each other in the Caribbean.

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Later, after Elisa confesses to murdering her former husband, they choose to not marry. Jack also admits that he and Avery got married because of their baby. Avery returns to the United States in exchange for a North Korean spy. Department of Homeland Security. He works his way up to the top again in amazingly rapid fashion, however.

This proves to be hopeless, and Jack attempts to get himself fired. Often, he hints that he is having or has had a relationship with them, but it is rarely explicitly stated. Jack considers both of them a disgrace to the Donaghy name which they both pronounce differently from Jack and each other. During that broadcast, Tracy Jordan realized his talent for getting laughs as a performer.

He named himself, a tradition in Milton's family at which both Jack and Avery scoff. This is evidenced by the fact that he experiences physical withdrawal symptoms when he attempts to stop drinking. When Bianca shows up, Jack passes Liz off as his girlfriend to make Bianca jealous. Jack is able to get out of it, however.

This is evidenced by