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These will probably print as separate bits. You can make this value smaller if you are convinced that your model is thick enough to print. Again, if you exported just one material, editing one mesh will change this material for all meshes. You could go add blocks to make the model twice as thick, but there's an easier way.

Doing so means you have to fix up only one material, though at the expense of not having a separate material per object that said, you can always add new materials later. Look in the upper right at the Scene tree area. You should now see some text in the gray window. Mineways will issue a warning nonetheless.

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Instead of manually adding blocks to the interior of your entire model, by using the seal off the entrances option you fill the interiors in with solid blocks. Here is a rundown of the other TileMaker options and their uses. You should now see the model as textured. Corner tips are connected, and now each balloon will print correctly.

Note that this will also stretch the appearance of the blocks around the edges, for good or ill. For rendering it is an option. There is one predefined light source on the working area which looks like a dot with two enclosing dotted circles.

Adjust the export options as you wish. Turning on deletion of floating objects, the floating foliage is deleted. If you use the command line, there are many options available for doing more elaborate operations such as forcing a particular tile size, using a different input directory or output file name, etc. This is an efficient way to improve and view any model you're working on. Fast travel didn't exist yet, so death could be a major inconvenience.