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Mercedes, in response, says that he's adorable but that he wouldn't be accepted in her choir. Kurt then reveals to her that nobody showed up to the spot they agreed to meet in New York. He appears again in the Valentine's Day episode, Heart.

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He later gets into a small conflict with Puck over who gets to own Finn's letterman jacket. Kurt and Blaine have a discussion about Blaine having control issues.

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Kurt, nervous, says that she's a star in her church choir, and that she hit a high note, which makes him want to be like her. The five surviving siblings of Khyra Ishaq, who died after being starved to death by her mother and stepfather, are suing their local council for failing to protect them and save their sister's life. Kurt joins The Warblers in preparing for Regionals.

During a mash-off between the boys and the girls, Kurt tries to work with the girls, only for Mr. While many assume him to just be a snob, the truth is, this is simply a mask that Kurt wears in order to hide his insecurities and fears.