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Couples are taking art into the bedroom as a new trend sees partners cover themselves in paint before having sex to produce unique art. The Love and Paint kits were launched after a New York artist invited couples to cover themselves in pigment and have sex on a canvas. Arist Alexander Esguerra teamed up with business partner Tyler Peters to give couples the chance to make their own artwork. Here a couple admire their finished artwork after a steamy session of creating it together for Alexander's exhibition.

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Tyler says that each painting is completely unique comparing some to Jackson Pollock's work while he says others are more gentle. The Duchess of Kent talks about her love for Bear Grylls in rare interview. We call it finger painting for adults.

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The body during sex is very honest like that and makes for the perfect paintbrush. Alexander isn't the first artist to use the naked body as a means of daubing paint on to a surface. Move over chocolate paint and fluffy handcuffs, this Valentine's Day couples with an adventurous side can cover themselves in paint and turn their sheets into a work of art. The protective sheeting and supplied canvas might more of an inducement for couples worried about irreparably staining their linens.

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