It is none of your business

Apa itu crushes dating

Crushes that become obsessions could prove to be dangerous. This does not mean you have to jump through hoops, you just gotta appeal to our feels, inspire us every once in a while.

My extroversion was reflected in my style and my hobbies like dance. If you are in a relationship, say so and be clear about it.

If we have stuffWarning Be wary

If you feel you are being stalked or the situation scares you, follow your instincts and tell someone you trust. Alert the authorities if necessary.

Warning Be wary of individuals who don't respect your boundaries. If we have stuff in common I may emphasize that by posting more about it.

Underneath this somewhat bitter and jaded shell I am still a romantic and yearn for that fairy tale Nicholas Sparks relationship. There could be an awesome friendship possible, if the person with the crush can get past their feelings. Depending on if you burned me good or not, I try leaving a relationship in good terms. Now that life has shown me her true colors some things changed. If I decide to keep you as a friend you may find that I am less interested in your posts, I might even forget your birthday because I am honestly not keeping track.

Even if we weren't that serious I may still block you so I won't be tempted to lurk. You would not exist in my happy space.