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Clearer data would be a good first step. He wondered whether dehydration could be treated just as well outside of an emergency room and plans to use the clinic to research this idea. Dybis starts with half the normal doses usually provided for hospital patients and increases the amount if and when necessary. He also says many of his patients, who do not have health insurance or access to a physician, would not get treated and may develop more severe symptoms that could require more intensive care. Contact us at editors time.

Dave Gahary interviewed former state trooper Wolfgang Halbig to learn more about the situation. Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U. Several others were wounded in the aftermath. This reporter attended the Nov.

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Pozner, however, continued to harass Halbig. We are as open-minded as they come because we know that you are. Injuries are counted only if they resulted from gunfire, not the ensuing chaos.

In a disturbing turn of events, a symptom of the police state warned about by John W. He received it, and he put it on the web.