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The puritan-look of the early s gradually gave way to some rather flamboyant styles of the late s. Glass Types There are three different glass examples in the ambrotype. Padded plastic wrappings should be used only with caution. Several layers of backing paper, some of them fragmentary, may have accumulated on the package.

While the ambrotype is typically cased like a daguerreotype, it does not exhibit the same look. This sealed packet was then force fit into a special wood case and was often padded with velvet or silk. Nearly all ambrotypes will have a preserver if the packaging is original. If the image is out of the case, you will be able to confirm the nature of the photograph. As a result, most tintypes have irregular cuts including crooked edges and clipped corners.

Facsimiles or items of low artifactual value may be exhibited for longer periods of time. In either case, another plate of glass was put over the fragile emulsion side to protect it, and the whole was mounted in a metal frame and kept in a protective case.

The plate was then developed and fixed. Later images were developed on the front of a single plate of glass.

The sixth plate is the most common studio portrait format. Ambrotype - from the Greek word ambro meaning imperishable. Rotating the image will not cause the image to reflect like a mirror or look like a negative.