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Keys will be given after the campaign, once the pledges have successfully been processed. His fate and virginity rests in your hands. It will be distributed on Steam and Itch.

This promo will run until the end of the Kickstarter. If it's any consolation, you get a medal if you die. Because of their scope, all of them require substantial dev time to implement, so the game's schedule will have to be adjusted accordingly.

Get to know your waifu on a personal level by being around her and talking about stuff. Your fate is determined by the actions you take. We're hoping to gather as much support as we can to realize our dreams for the game see stretch goals. Love Esquire will support simple modding.

The physical game box of The Letter is not anymore included in this promo. They will be available as an add-on through BackerKit once the campaign ends.

This is the bare minimum we need to ensure that we wouldn't have a very hard time finishing the game financially, at least. We will produce a fully animated, frame-by-frame one-minute opening trailer for the game, which rivals what we did for The Letter's see video above. Watch him grow to become the ideal man and overcome the various challenges he's yet to face. Of course, the more time you spend training, the higher the resulting experience.