It's pretty awkward and obvious

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When the pregnancy symptoms get too much for Kira, she has an argument with Bashir about how this is his fault. His pregnant co-star, Jane Greer, is visibly thicker in the waist in the last scenes shot while Mitchum himself is thinner due to life on a prison farm. One scene had her sitting down behind a gigantic teddy bear, strange as that may sound.

This results in Stottlemeyer and Disher doing the lifting that Natalie would have done if Traylor hadn't been pregnant. At that point Reese Witherspoon was obviously pregnant, so the scene consists of women sitting and talking, shot only from the chest up. What makes this poignant is that Ellen already knows that Tom has had a leg amputated due to injuries suffered in the crash. Her character Val was even more hopeless at attracting men, so they were forced to hide them as well.

Holly Marie Combs in Charmed. This may have been lampshade hanging for Tina Fey's own pregnancy which was becoming visible at that time. Kelly Rutherford was pregnant during the second season of Gossip Girl.

Desperate Housewives got very creative with this, using everything from giant gingerbread castles to Mrs. At first, the trope was averted. Used on Due South in the third season, with the actress who played Frannie Vecchio.

Holly Marie CombsThis may have been lampshade