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It's good to have one on the weekend and maybe one during the week. To remedy this situation, she recommends that stars call in reinforcements. Kostner has also won two silvers and three bronzes at the worlds, and is a five-time European champion.

Emanuele Di Gregorio was the fourth member of the relay squad that took second behind France at the event in Barcelona. Schwazer also admitted to consulting with Lance Armstrong's banned sports doctor, Michele Ferrari. And when it comes to finding love, don't be afraid to be sincere. Stanger says that while a profile pic should be professional so as to garner attention, it's important to also include snapshots that help famous daters appear down to earth.

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In order to get to the first date you gotta get to the phone. If you're relaxed about the process and you're just doing this for fun and have no expectations, that's the secret sauce.

You forget what it's like to be human again. And for stars worried that their profiles will attract the wrong kind of candidates, Stanger says they shouldn't be concerned.

When it came to vocalizing what she wanted in a mate, even Stanger had to keep herself in check. In fact, I had to beg him to come on the show.

The Italian Olympic Committee's anti-doping prosecutor is seeking a ban of four years and three months for former figure skating world champion Carolina Kostner. Patti doesn't date her clients. Schwazer, who won the kilometer walk at the Beijing Olympics, was excluded from the London Games after testing positive before the games. Share Hilary Duff recently announced that she has been swiping through Tinder as a means of finding eligible men. Stanger says she really got a handle on what a guy's motive was by feeling out what type of date that he wanted to take her on.

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Adele once trusted eHarmony to work its matchmaking magic, Charlie Sheen was spotted on MillionaireMatch. Stanger also recommends limiting the amount of dates that celebs go on per week so that they don't burn themselves out. If you don't talk to him, you don't go out with him. It remains unclear if she could be banned retroactively and stripped of medals.