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Unable to prove his innocence, Aaron ran off with Lucy and Alison in order to escape the police. Realizing that Chris used his influence to get Alison kicked out of the program, Aaron convinced Ali that she should sue for sexual harassment. Then Aaron received good news from Dr.

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When he finally returned to Oakdale, Holden had no memory of his past and it was uncertain whether his memory would ever return. However, unbeknownst to Aaron, Rafi's gloves that he was forced to wear were weighed down and, despite himself, he landed Aaron a near fatal blow to the head. Mark's Place, the blocks to the north, and more of the streets bordering Tompkins Square Park. Relieved when he learned that she had no intention of getting an abortion, Aaron convinced her to return to Oakdale and face Chris. To his delight, she accepted.

They've remained very close over the years and are always ready for an excuse to travel. Matt was the best man in Agim's wedding in Portland several years ago. Unfortunately, the secret would only stay buried for a short time.

No Wave and New York hardcore also emerged in the area's clubs. Finally, she confessed about her troubles recently, which included pornography and drug abuse. Upon meeting, they were quick to become close friends and spent much of the next four years exploring the city and expanding their friendship circle together. That ordeal over, Aaron continued working at the Metro and continued befriending Ali.

But even in these cases the new developments are nevertheless required to maintain the same height limits as all other new developments in their zoning district. Luckily, he survived, but was left paralyzed on his left side. However, he quickly got over his resentment and he and Ali grew closer than ever.

Ron reminded Matt of his friends back home and they instantly hit it off. Worried about her father's threats of sending her away, Lucy contacted her mother, Sierra, who saw Aaron's good side and convinced Craig to let them date. Gwen named the baby Hallie Jennifer and chose Aaron and Alison to be her godparents.

Fearing that Alison had run off to Chicago to get an abortion, Aaron ran off to find her and stop her. Few icons of the punk scene remain in the neighborhood as it changed.

Though he had no memory of his past, Holden was determined to be a good father and, with the help of the Snyder family, he raised Aaron alone. Sofie was in a relationship with a man named Cole who treated her very badly. Unfortunately for Aaron, Ali's reaction was one of anger and utter shock since her best friend was telling her this the night before her wedding. Cole convinced Sophie to give the baby up for adoption.

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As time went by, Aaron kept misinterpreting situations which caused him to confront Alison. After their talk, Aaron realized that she was pregnant. Not long after Julie confirmed it, Holden was mugged and ended up suffering from a severe case of memory loss. Rebeka Weber - Bridesmaid Rebeka and Geneva met in while at a welcome party for new medical students at the University of Kansas. By now, his mother's diagnosis had improved greatly and Aaron got a good job running a nightclub.