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Later, he asks his father what the man meant, to which Rumplestiltskin sticks to his story that his mother is dead. After getting his gorgeous wife and lover Carolina Salma Hayek killed, El Mariachi is looking for a revenge on the one who ordered her murder. It's very hard to love without limits, and without conditions, and in a way where you're not going to self-destruct something.

During the night

So she's also dealing with the burden of worrying that maybe she's done the wrong thing for her family by letting them come with her. During the night, however, Milah leaves her family to join Killian on his ship. From a non-believer, to the Savior, and Dark Swan, to a girl on a love-fueled mission, Morrison revealed that Emma's journey in the second half of this season is all about facing her demons.

Emma's evolution over the past episodes has been filled with magical twists and turns. It's been nearly three full months since our last scoop-packed Once Upon a Time article and we know that you have been going through some serious spellbinding withdrawals. His scream alerts his parents, and they find him curled up in pain from the bite.

During the months spent training to be a soldier, he encounters a seer that can predict the future. In the modern world, Tiana is Jacinda's roommate and friend. She was most recently linked to actor Sean Teale. Even though people are coming back and more stars are going to be joining, creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are still sad about the departures. Unfortunately, Emma sees this extra assistance as a bit of a hindrance, rather than a help.

He's actually in the Underworld, which is not a great situation. On the day Baelfire turns fourteen, soldiers come to take the boy away, but Rumplestiltskin comes upon the men, slaughtering all of them with magic, while his son watches in horror. She reveals having named the boy Baelfire, explaining that he needs a strong name if the rumors of what Rumplestiltskin did to himself are true.

So she's also dealing with