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Automatic circumferential welds usually use a work lead connection of brushes or rotating or sliding shoes with an electrically conductive lubricant. When grounding is through a sliding shoe, two or more shoes should always be used. Using Steel Bars or Reinforcing Rods In some welding applications, a steel bar or a steel reinforcing rod may be used as a work lead connection or between two or more weldments. In addition, poor connections reduce the voltage at the welding arc. Be careful not to allow the welding current to flow through sensitive electronic components.

YouTube In arc welding, an arc is established from the electrode to the workpiece. Set the dial to the k position in the ohm section and measure the circuit as you would for resistance.

YouTube In arc welding

Regardless of how the work lead connection is made, it should be a secure positive connection, properly placed to minimize any welding interference or arc blow. You can provide this feedback to myself at Adam.

Set the dial to the k

The arc itself is a very complex phenomenon. When in doubt, refer to the equipment's operation manual or call a qualified electrician. If you know how to use the inexpensive seven-function model, you can use all the others.

Testing the Circuit A simple way to test the soundness of the circuit is to run a hand over the length of the cable from the power source to the electrode. If the entire cable is hot to touch, it is probably undersized for the welding current being used. This means that the area of contact must be free from any scale, rust, oil, grease, oxides, or dirt that may act as points of insulation. When using steel bars, care must be taken to assure that the bar has adequate cross-sectional area to match the copper welding cable in total electrical conductivity. This article will explain some of the ways to achieve a good work lead connection.

Safety The hazard of electrical shock is one of the most serious and immediate risks facing personnel working in the welding area. Vardaman believes accreditation is a vital component of all nursing education programs. Well, Flirchi helps you doing so.

You'll notice three jack inputs arranged in a vertical line on the bottom right. Keep turning the dial as needed, all the way to mV if necessary, to get the most accurate reading.