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Accommodating reading styles and methods, ideas from the Field

Adapt and combine reading methods when appropriate. Have students look at the text while they listen to the recording. Patterns for Hands-On Learning.

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Notably, other authors have reached the same conclusion e. Emphasize holistic, thematic teaching and modeling. Learning centers allow controlled movement within a classroom.

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Most individualized and personalized teaching methods reflect this point of view. We use the results of the Reading Style Inventory as a guide for combining and adapting a wide range of reading methods. Methods for visual learners include ensuring that students can see words written, using pictures, and drawing time lines for events.

Reading Styles Times Twenty - Educational Leadership

Use colored overlays to minimize visual problems. We can have a literate citizenry. Some learners respond best in instructional environments based on an analysis of their perceptual and environmental style preferences.

Ideas from the Field

Start by setting aside time to really understand the different learning needs of your students. Timing is vitally important. Style elements are relatively persistent qualities in the behavior of individual learners. As educators, we know all students have different learning styles. You also can record textbooks for use in media centers.

The greatest increases in literacy rates occur when the reading styles approach guides all reading instruction. Students who understand their own reading styles can learn to work through their strengths and develop respect for the styles of others. However, by trying to incorporate various methods into your teaching, reasons for not dating a single mother you may be able to reach the majority of your students.

In a later activity, students might use the word in a sentence and spell it aloud. Others have many weaknesses and need instruction that capitalizes on the strengths they do possess. Teachers and administrators need time to learn new strategies, share successes and failures, develop materials and management techniques, and work with parents. That key can unlock the strengths, interests, and abilities of each student. Provide a relaxing, literature-rich reading environment.

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Successful reading styles programs are student-centered and stress active learning. No one reading method or set of reading materials is ideal for all students. Hold book discussions and invite authors to visit to generate student interest in reading. Guiding Principles and Recommendation Reading styles programs send a strong message to students that we respect them as learners.

Reading style strengths and preferences develop at different times and rates. Students learn to read more easily and enjoy it more when instructional techniques match their styles.

Some students are auditory learners, some are kinesthetic learners, and some are visual learners. Every student has a special style for reading. Continue training and monitor staff progress for at least three years. Teachers use checklists or charts to schedule students into the center and to manage materials. Use natural expression and read at a slow pace about words per minute.

Most students prefer and respond to a wide range of reading choices. Processes such as attention, perception and memory, and operations such as integration and retrieval of information are internal to the system. Twenty years of experience with reading styles have taught us well. This allowed them to work at their own pace and receive any necessary one-on-one support to meet their learning needs. Any hope for improving student learning necessarily involves an understanding and application of information processing theory.

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Record very small segments of high-interest, challenging material. These six elements constitute the state of the art in personalized instruction. When students learn through their strengths, when they gain self-confidence, when teachers believe they can learn and know how to teach them, they can make astonishing gains. Encourage students to plan strategies that capitalize on their reading styles. Invite parents to workshops where they can create samples of hands-on materials.

Record only two to four minutes of text on each side of the tape. Criticism Edit Learning style theories have been criticized by many scholars and researchers. Students find the word, hold it up toward the teacher, and whisper the word. Experiment by placing different overlays over the text. Have them think about how they would meet the needs of both groups.