This comes back to bite him

Accommodating or suggestible personality traits

An episode of The Twilight Zone ends with The Reveal that Hitler was actually one of those, although he himself wasn't aware of that. She never expresses actual hate towards people who work with their hands, but tends to be extremely condescending towards them.

Psion and CorporeThe original baby Adolf was killed

He despises Korea and being Korean, and earned money and power by accommodating himself to the Japanese when they occupied Korea. This is explained away as since they use their powers in the goal of destroying magic eventually, it's fine. On the whole Boars are quite happy, they tend to remain in the background of any situations and are very loyal and considerate. He despises the Rigante for the fact that, despite being ferocious warriors, they never bothered to create an empire of their own. She fervently believes the Deryni powers are evil, and after The Reveal at the coronation she goes into self-imposed exile in a remote convent, fasting to the point of noticeable weight loss.

Psion and Corpore Metal vs. The original baby Adolf was killed by his time-traveling nanny. Sometimes they are taken very much for granted.

One of their followers who himself is a magic user even says he'll die too in the end. He did as part of story argue that as a Jewish man raised by Jews he had more right to hate the Jews than anyone else. Boars are selfless, hot tempered, quick surmount their problems and always enjoy good fortune.